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You’re one of the best in your field.

But that doesn’t always mean your practice is living up to its full potential. Maybe you’ve hit a ceiling. Or maybe you work too hard to enjoy the fruits of your success. If so, we can help.

I created the Health Centers of the Future Platinum Inner Circle to help practitioners like YOU work smarter not harder... effortless grow and streamline your practice...reach more patients in need... all while bringing even more value and positive life-change to anyone you touch. 

Platinum Practitioners are trained in proven, cutting-edge detox and therapeutic protocols, improving your ability to deliver results. More than that, you get advanced tools for running your business more efficiently, advertising successfully, and bringing in more revenue. 

Best of all, it’s designed for busy doctors and health professionals who need maximum leverage in minimum time... 
Program Overview
What's Included?
Platinum Panel
Program Overview
The Platinum Inner Circle Program Includes:
  • The Platinum Academy. A step-by-step approach to implementing the multi-therapeutic approach within your practice on the client and business side. The academy has multiple levels that you will grow and advance through over the time you are a Platinum Inner Circle Member.
  • Customized 12-week Quick Start Personal Launch Plan with the new Platinum class, led by our Platinum leadership team on weekly interactive calls.
  • Weekly Open Office Protocol Calls offered for both the Level 1 and Advanced Level 2 Practitioner.
  • Weekly interactive business and marketing strategy and implementation training via video-conference.
  • Live Events.
    Five yearly protocol and implementation events.
  • Annual Family Mastermind where you and our family of practitioners grow your lives and your families lives together. (Families are welcome!)
  • Complete client attraction program, including localized marketing for your events. We offer customized marketing materials, emails, collateral, and support through implementing the program.
  • Personal Platinum Coach. Your personal Platinum  Coach is there to support you through monthly calls, supporting your Platinum journey.
  • Feedback on your talks and progress.
  • Advanced client engagement and conversion program and implementation strategies, if desired.
  • Leading-edge marketing and advertising program, online and offline, including advanced social media strategies.
  • The opportunity to advance your practice significantly faster than if you went at it alone.
  • An opportunity to be in a group of like-minded individuals who are there to support you in attaining your goals.
The Platinum Inner Circle is for the bold, it is for the fearless. And yet, these are the few changing the face of healthcare at a massive level. If you are ready to join this elite group of natural healthcare practitioners, we want to know you!

We are excited to have you on our mission of changing the world. No matter where you are now, we look forward to a long-term relationship, working hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart; transforming the world together.
What You Get...
  • Unlimited access to our Platinum Mastery Online Portal. This is the online hub for all of our training archives, recorded calls from the Platinum Advisory Panel. You also receive unlimited access to Dr. Pompa’s treatment protocols, David Asarnow’s Marketing & Business systems, Allen Minor’s Proscan Assessments, and Andrea Siebert’s Coaching system. This membership portal is updated weekly and contains over 12 months of archives ($29,997 Value).
  • Access to our Yearly Platinum Retreat Mastermind. This Platinum Only Mastermind is designed to solve the biggest issues you face in your practice in a supportive getaway retreat environment (10,000 Value).
  • Dr. Pompa’s Multi Therapeutic Approach (MTA) System with Real Time Updates as new protocols become available (Priceless).
  • Become part of a new family of like-minded doctors working together to solve even the toughest cases. You will now have access to the shared knowledge of the entire Platinum family (Priceless).
  • Weekly Platinum Protocol Calls with Dr. Pompa. These include our Foundation and Advanced Protocol Strategy Calls ($9,997 Value).
  • Weekly Platinum Marketing & Business Strategy Calls with David Asarnow ($9,997 Value).
  • Training Call Archive for All of Your Weekly Calls into Your Platinum Mastery Portal ($2,000 Value).
  • 10 – 30 Minute Platinum Success Coaching Calls with Andrea Siebert.
  • 60 Minute Business Strategy Call with David Asarnow ($2,000 Value).
  • 6 Visit Consultation System. Learn how to increase the value you deliver to your patients while simultaneously earning more per patient ($2,997 Value).
  • HCF Practice Builder Marketing and Advertising Templates. Marketing assets to model for some of the most popular event types. Including: newspaper ads, flyers, and online event pages ($9,795 Value).
  • Done for you marketing for all of your events: created and managed by the Platinum Marketing Manager ($48,000 Value). 
  • Private “Platinum Exclusive” break out training sessions at all of our events learning cutting edge protocols, and networking with other heart focused practitioners.
  • All Access VIP Pass to All HCF Seminars and Events. 2 VIP Tickets to Every Event ($2,997 Value).
  • HCF VIP “What Working Now” pre-event training day ($3,997 Value).
  • Access to recordings of our prior HCF and Systemic Formula event recordings online ($2,995 Value).
  • The Consult and Close Patient Acquisition System ($2,997.00).
  • VIP Access to All Premier Partner Events hosted by Systemic Formulas ($1,495 Value).
  • VIP Access to Systemic Formulas Pre Intensive Training prior to the event ($2,597 Value).
  • Practitioner-Focused Legal Agreements and Contacts ($3,000 Value).
  • Access to the Dr. Pompa Archives. Watch some of Dr. Pompa’s most popular talks from the stage ($1997 Value).
  • HCF VIP “What’s Working Now” Pre-Event Full Day Platinum Training’s to Kickoff our HCF events ($3,997 Value).
  • The Remarkable Practice with Dr. Steven Franzen - Video Training on Attracting, Converting, and Retaining New Patients ($9,528 Value).
  • Thrive Successful Mindset Training with Dr. Gilles LaMarche, D.C. - Get Your Personal Recipe Book for Developing and Maintaining a Success Mindset ($4,776 Value).
  • 4 PLAT Phone Calls (15 Minutes in Length) Use these in case of any emergencies that arise in any area of your practice (Priceless).
What is Required of You...
  • Enthusiasm, willingness and time to work on the project and increase your knowledge and skills.
  • Initiative and the ability to work and apply the information that you have learned. Have a can-do attitude and be fun to work with.
  • Attending platinum calls to learn new protocols and marketing and business strategies. 
  • Contribute and help your fellow Platinum members.
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